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The company is able to stay successful thanks to its
skilled engineering staff and continuously modernized equipment resources.



We support our customers in the process of cast design. When designing moulds and pressure casting support tools, we work using CAD/CAM software such as NX/Siemens, CREO, and VERICUT. Our equipment resources include a FARO measuring arm with a scanning head and Cam 2 measure software, which makes it possible to create a model on the basis of an existing (scanned) item.


Our modern equipment resources include:

  • Milling machine DMU 125 monoBLOCK (5 axes)
  • Vertical machining centre DMG 1035
  • Vertical machining centre DMU 60
  • CNC milling machine MAHO (7 units)
  • High-speed milling machine Mikron Mill S 500 (for graphite electrode machining)
  • Deep hole drilling machine DEGEN
  • Wire-cut EDM (electrical discharge machine) Fanuc Robocut C800iB
  • Wire-cut EDM (electrical discharge machine) Charmilles Robofill 690
  • Sinker EDM (electrical discharge machine) AgieCharmilles FORM 30
  • 3-chamber ultrasonic cleaning system for molds FISA

Our equipment lets us form molds of the weight of up to 10 tons.


Aluminium, obtained in an energy-efficient manner, is melted in a shaft furnace with an automatic weight measurement system. We have 16 real-time controlled casting machines at our disposal, operating at a closing force of 3,200 kN to 13,000 kN. All of our machines are equipped with automatic pouring cups, and some feature robotic sprinklers. Process automation and control of each stage thereof ensure great stability of the casting process.


Cast parts (both raw and coated) are machined according to our customers’ requirements and guidelines, with the use of 4- and 5-axis machining centres and CNC lathes.


Parts are delivered according to our customers’ demand for grit-blasted, powder-coated, polished, and chromed surfaces.



Our customers receive ready products. We use reusable packaging.